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The change in the automotive industry and its consequences for NVH P. Genender BMW Group Keynote Speech: Alternative Drives 26.11.2019
8:45 h
(1.13 MB)
Full-frequency range vibro-acoustic analysis of automotive windows F. Van Herpe 1,
D. Binet 2,
B. Vandennieuwenhof 2,
M. Brandstetter 2,
P. D. Antoniadis 2
1 PSA Groupe
2 Free Field Technologies
Simulation 26.11.2019
16:15 h
(2.23 MB)
Tyre/Road Noise and Rolling Resistance W. Kropp Chalmers University of Technology Keynote Speech: Alternative Drives II 27.11.2019
9:30 h
(2.57 MB)
A modified in-situ sound power evaluation method of electric drivetrain units under realistic load conditions R. Sereinig, C. Haigerer, PhD, M. Hasenstein MAGNA Powertrain, Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & CoKG Component NVH 27.11.2019
11:45 h
(2.92 MB)
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30 years in the vehicle acoustics business – an interim balance Christoph Erhard ex Daimler Trucks Keynote Speech: Vehicle Acoustics 27.11.2018
9:45 h
(2.50 MB)
Acoustic transmission loss in turbochargers H. Ruppert, M. Günther, S. Pischinger Institute for Combustion Engines, RWTH Aachen University Vehicle Acoustics II 28.11.2018
8:30 h
(6.41 MB)
Powertrain NVH- and Sound Design-Development of the new Ford Fiesta ST 1.5L GTDI I3 Performance Vehicle Ch. Störig, R. Heinrichs, Ch. Schuster, Ch. Becker, M. Schröer Ford Werke GmbH Köln - Vehicle PT NVH - Core/Quality Team Component NVH 28.11.2018
9:00 h
(2.78 MB)
ODS of brake rotor J. Thiele Lucas Varity GmbH
(ZF Group)
Vehicle Acoustics II 28.11.2018
15:00 h
(2.26 MB)
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What does your car say with its sound and vibration? - Brand sound design Ercan Altinsoy Technische Universität Dresden Keynote Speech 29.11.2017
9:30 h
(1.80 MB)
Topology optimization with NVH constraints André Backes TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH Sound Design 29.11.2017
10:45 h
(5.52 MB)
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Sound/E/scape – changing roles and hidden potentials of sonic perception in the digital age Hannes Raffaseder St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Keynote Speech 23.11.2016
9:30 h
(4.86 MB)
The changing role of powertrain NVH development Thomas V. Timmons General Motors Company, Detroit, USA Keynote Speech 22.11.2016
9:45 h
(2.18 MB)
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A study of metric for mid-frequency performance assessment of vehicle panel stacks N. Schaefer 1,
B. Dergen 1,
W. Desmet 2
1 Toyota Motor Europes
2 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Vehicle Acoustics II 25.11.2015
10:45 h
(6.48 MB)
Wind Noise Contribution to Vehicle Interior SPL A. Golota, D. Blanchet ESI Engineering System International GmbH Simulation 25.11.2015
14:00 h
(3.27 MB)
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Audible Sounds based on Cylinder Pressure Signals M. Kauth1,
S. Pischinger2,
K. Pleiderer3,
M. Nijs2
2VKA, RWTH Aachen
3Adam Opel AG
Powertrain Acoustics II 27.11.2013
10:45 h
(12.10 MB)

Aachen Acoustics Colloquium

Aachen is one of the most important centers in development and research in automotive acoustics. More than 200 experts from over 19 countries will attend.

Innovative methods and technologies in the fields of acoustics and vibrations of vehicles and drives building the center of the Aachen Acoustics Colloquium and its program.

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Mar 20, 2024
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Apr 4, 2024
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Jun 10, 2024
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Jun 28, 2024
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Aug 25, 2024
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Nov 26, 2024
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Nov 27, 2024
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