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Pullman Aachen Quellenhof
Important Dates for AAC 2018
24.04.18 Deadline for the
abstract submission
29.05.18 Notification of acceptance
04.07.18 Mailing of the program book
11.09.18 Submission of papers
26.11.18   Opening Reception
27.11.18 Banquet
26.-28.11.18 Aachen Acoustics Colloquium
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Cityportal Aachen
View at Aachen's cathedral from the Katschhof
Pullman Aachen Quellenhof
Monheimsallee 52
52062 Aachen
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Imperial City Aachen
The city of Aachen is in many ways a very special place. Not only history and science are omni- present, but also art and modern culture. Discover this unique city and enjoy the atmosphere.
The city hall, the old town, the Couven Museum and the Elisenbrunnen bear witness to the long, eventful history of the Imperial City Aachen.
The coronation of thirty German kings took place in the cathedral, a masterpiece of western architecture which is still home of Aachen's most popular citizen: Charlemagne.
Take a stroll around the historic places and narrow lanes of the 2000 year old city center and discover the turbulent history of Aachen.
SuperC - RWTH University of Aachen
Theater of the City of Aachen
Nowadays the city has an outstanding reputation as a center for science and education. The RWTH-Aachen University, countless departments and many innovative companies in the Euregio-Region underline the city's special scientific and economic importance which goes beyond the region's borders.
Enjoy the old town with its numerous cafes and restaurants, discover the vibrant bars, clubs and pubs or simply enjoy the city's art galleries and museums. Aachen has many faces and offers its visitors a myriad of opportunities.