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General Information
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Exhibition Plan
Important Dates for AAC 2019
24.04.19 Deadline Submission of Abstracts
29.05.19 Notification of Acceptance
04.07.19 Mailing of the Program Book
11.09.19 Deadline Submission of Papers
25.11.19   Opening Reception, 19:00
26.11.19 Welcome and Opening, First Conference Day, Banquet, 19:30
27.11.19 Second Conference Day,
8:30- 16:10
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Main Topics
Sound Quality, Trouble-Shooting, Sound Design
NVH Measurement, System-Analysis, Measurement Technology
Vehicle Acoustics (Engine, Powertrain, Gearbox)
Tire Road Noise
Numerical Methods, Simulation, Virtual Reality
Acoustics of Electric Drives and Hybrid Cars
Multi-Modality – Noise and Vibration
General Information
The technical exhibition is a very important component of our congress.
Our exhibition company offers a complete booth with demanding equipment.
Please see the information enclosed   here.
After the registration deadline in the summer of 2018, the exhibition floor plan will be completed by us and mailed with all information necessary.
Exhibition Profil
The exhibition and booths give you the opportunity to present your work and products in a modern and harmonic way to acoustic engineers from industry and science. - This provides a platform for meeting new and existing clients and tend to existing clients. Through the personal contact with conference participants, you can determine the wishes and demands of potential clients.
The relevant product range includes all technologies in the field of acoustics and vibrations.
Contact for Exhibitors
Mr. Robin Stupp
+49 241 80-27651
+49 241 80-22341
Contact during the whole exhibition:
Ms. Annette Jahn
top Messebau GmbH
+49 2403 7839-14
+49 2403 7839-19
+49 173 541 17 07
Hotel Pullman Aachen Quellenhof