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What about Corona / COVID-19?

Dear acoustics specialists and enthusiasts,
We are happy to announce the 12th Aachen Acoustics Colloquium, from November 22 – 24, 2021 at Parkhotel Quellenhof Aachen. As you can imagine, it is a challenge to organize events like the AAC due to the current pandemic situation.
However, we are confident that the conference will take place on-site in Aachen and we assure you the greatest care in dealing with the situation, as well as a professionally organized hygiene concept during the colloquium.
In case that the number of infections remains constant, or restrictions prohibit the colloquium, we will switch to a hybrid- or fully online event. Either in Aachen or online – the conference will certainly take place in November 2021.
Of course we will keep you informed about the current status of the planning.
In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
AAC - organizing team

Aachen Acoustics Colloquium

Aachen is one of the most important centers in development and research in automotive acoustics. More than 200 experts from over 19 countries will attend.

Innovative methods and technologies in the fields of acoustics and vibrations of vehicles and drives building the center of the 12th AAC and its program. Be a part of this Event and register as Speaker, Exhibitor, Sponsor or Participant.

Important dates

March 08, 2021 Start Call for Papers
March 08, 2021 Start Call for Exhibitors
May 12, 2021 Deadline Submission of Abstracts
End of May, 2021 Notification of Acceptance
End of Sep, 2021 Deadline Submission of Papers
Nov 22, 2021 Opening Reception
Nov 23, 2021 Welcome and Opening,
First Conference Day, Banquet
Nov 24, 2021 Second Conference Day


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