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Technical Equipment

Technical Equipment provided in the lecture room:

  1. General sound system for speech amplification with microphones (personal and fixed to the desk)
  2. Special sound system for the reproduction of demo sound files in high fidelity (connection analogue via 3.5 mm laptop connector or digital AES/EBU)
  3. Efficient video/data projectors with high resolution (HD 1920*1080 or better)
  4. A laptop (Windows 10) providing Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat (both in the latest version) for presentation
  5. Qualified technicians who will assist you


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If possible, please make use of the presentation laptop that is provided by the conference service. Please transfer your presentation before the first session of the day is started (morning/afternoon).

If required you may use your own laptop for presentation. Make sure that your laptop is running and only needs to be connected to the beamer before your presentation. Please check the correct operation with the technicians well before your presentation is scheduled.

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Aachen Acoustics Colloquium

Aachen is one of the most important centers in development and research in automotive acoustics. More than 200 experts from over 19 countries will attend.

Innovative methods and technologies in the fields of acoustics and vibrations of vehicles and drives building the center of the Aachen Acoustics Colloquium and its program.

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Important dates

Feb 1, 2023 Start Call for Papers
Feb 1, 2023 Start Call for Exhibitors
May 8, 2023 Deadline Submission of Abstracts
End of May, 2023 Notification of Acceptance
End of July, 2023 Mailing of the Program Book
Nov 27, 2023 Opening Reception
Nov 28, 2023 Welcome and Opening,
First Conference Day, Banquet
Nov 29, 2023 Second Conference Day


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