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Submission of Papers
Important Dates for AAC 2019
24.04.19 Deadline Submission of Abstracts
29.05.19 Notification of Acceptance
04.07.19 Mailing of the Program Book
11.09.19 Deadline Submission of Papers
25.11.19   Opening Reception, 19:00
26.11.19 Welcome and Opening, First Conference Day, Banquet, 19:30
27.11.19 Second Conference Day,
8:30- 16:10
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Call for Papers
Abstracts for the Aachen Acoustics Colloquium 2019 can be submitted in the near future at this point.
Contact for Authors
Ms. Birgit Schaefer-Hamm
Institute for Combustion Engines VKA,
RWTH Aachen University
+49 241 80-48 020
+49 241 80-22 341
+49 151 72708189
Main Topics
Sound Quality, Trouble-Shooting, Sound Design
NVH Measurement, System-Analysis, Measurement Technology
Vehicle Acoustics (Engine, Powertrain, Gearbox)
Tire Road Noise
Numerical Methods, Simulation, Virtual Reality
Acoustics of Electric Drives and Hybrid Cars
Multi-Modality – Noise and Vibration
Your abstract should include:
Title of paper
Author/ co-author including business address, phone number and e-mail address
Please assign your presentation to one of the colloquium's listed main topics
The length of the presentation will be 20 minutes and the following discussion 10 minutes.
up to one DIN A4 page (2500 characters)
The speaker has free admission to the colloquium.
If there are any questions, please turn to our
  contact for presentations.
Program Book AAC 2018